School competition – Share your piece of work

Staying at home gives you lots of time for getting creative: you can draw, paint, write stories or poems, do handicraft etc.

We would like to share your pieces of work and present them on our school’s website.

Ask your parents to take a photo of your favourite piece (a picture, story, poem, handicraft work …) that you made yourself and email it to the following address:

WWhen school starts again a jury from teachers will select the best pieces of work and with a little luck you can be a winner.

Important rules:

  • In order to win something the Email has to contain your name and class.
  • If your parents don’t want your first name (surnames won’t appear anyway) to be seen on the website they must declare this in the Email.
  • Make sure that no people (also not yourself) can be recognized on the photo as we won’t publish those photo.

Here are some ideas for your work:

  • Look out of the window and paint a picture of what you can see or write a story about what could happen there.
  • Paint a nice spring picture.
  • Paint a picture of yourself and your family.
  • Think up a fascinating or funny story and write it down.
  • Write a text to inform others about something, e.g. the life of the Vikings.     

Here are some ideas for handicrafts:

Or think of something completely different.